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Estrada e Fantasmas
Humberto Brito

Edition: 100 copies
Offset printing with embossed image on the cover.
104 pp., 49 images
260 x 320 mm
Reprinted 2023

ISBN: 978 989 96128 15

A limited box special edition of the 1st edition (with a silver print) is still available.

Lebop is proud to release the second printing of Estrada e Fantasmas, by portuguese photographer Humberto Brito. This work is a poetic and delicate hommage to the places of the photographer’s childhood territory, revisited through its barren natural and suburban landscapes.

I spent my adult life moving away from the landscape of my youth. Around forty,
I saw this was a mode of self-loathing. I was ashamed of this sentiment. There I am again, decades later, magnetized by this common, dysfunctional, unfriendly landscape.  I wanted to embrace its blemishes, as one must learn to accept the blemishes in one’s face, as Wittgenstein once wrote. I see in these images a landscape I am stuck to as a pigeon to is coordinates, and a nondescript physiognomy. They are mirrors and windows, self-portraits in a topographic style.